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 . : How To Add The Games To Your Website : .

Putting games on your website is quite easy if you have a bit of computer knowledge, and if you have a website you must have! Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Click ‘Add To Your Site’ below the game you wish to add.
  2. When asked, click Open. A program should open with the files. If ‘Open With…’ appears, download WinZip then try again.
  3. Click an option such as Extract All Files. It is different in different software, but should include the word extract.
  4. Choose a folder inside where you keep your website files to extract the files. Click the OK button.
  5. Upload all the files to your website.
  6. Either link to the HTML file, or include the code inside the Code.txt file into a page you made in the same folder (or edit the code if not in same folder).
  7. You’re done! Why not add another game, and if you’ve got them all, sign up to our newsletter so we can tell you when we have more! While relaxing playing our games, it’s important you keep good posture by investing in a Ultimate Game Chair.


 . : How To Add The Games To Your MySpace : .
Adding the games to myspace is about as easy as playing and enjoying the best ones, such as deal or no deal games or the love test. It’s really easy to add these games to your MySpace profile, simply follow the instructions below

  1. Click ‘Add To Your MySpace’ below the game you wish to add.
  2. In a new window open up MySpace, login, and click ‘Edit My Profile’ next to your picture.
  3. Click the ‘(Edit)’ at the bottom right corner of the section you want the game in, other than headline (headline is text only).
  4. Go back to the original window from this site where you’ve got the code, copy that code by clicking in the box and pressing Ctrl+A (meaning click both Ctrl and A at same time) then Ctrl+C on your keyboard.
  5. Go back into the MySpace window and in the editing box find a good place to put the game and click Ctrl+V.
  6. Click the preview button at the bottom right of the editing box.
  7. Check the game comes up the DON’T FORGET to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Submit button at the bottom right – if you forget then it won’t be added to your MySpace profile.
  8. That’s it, it should now be in your MySpace profile, why not make a bulletin to get your friends to play it on your MySpace profile, and don’t forget to tell them to get their own from GamesForYourWebsite.com.

Games For Your Website offers custom games made by sites such as CBBC Games, Fun Games, and more. We’d be happy to discuss distributing your websites online games – just get in touch. A friendly site that has 2 player and multiplayer games is 2pg.com so visit them if you want this type of games to play with friends. You can find games like ours on Friv games sites. Sadly we don’t have any Transformers Games yet, but this link takes you to a site that does.